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The underlying philosophy of the project ..




Through the use of modeling programs graphics, combined with 3D printing, you can literally give life and shape to their own ideas. This concept, far from trivial, it is essential to include the independence that every human being possesses thanks to a combination between the mind and the progress of technology. It, indeed, allows to disentangle the man from the relationship (considered to be inseparable) and the dependence from the purchase of products generated in series by the large distribution chains. This mechanism may cease

Technology is a powerful medium , and even if not always conditioned the life of man in a positive way, the development of new techniques permitted by 3D printing, she can make the impossible possible. All in the respect of nature. The protection of the environment is another key factor related to crafts diy. The sustainability of the used materials is the basis of our philosophy, because what can be defined as "craft 2.0", represents the future of every person who has at heart the world in which she lives and wants to preserve it. Those who exercised amanual art for the production of goods and services that are often not believed feasible combination between modernity and sustainability , but it is not so



Through the three-dimensional prints can be ourselves the creators of everything that we think conceptually, and then get up and touch it with the hand: from a simple paper clip up to a house. Bring to life your ideas is how to give life to the dreams. The Italian craftsmanship is also a'best in the world, often overshadowed by the multinationals the most famous and predominant on the market. What we want is to give space and value to the individual, the uniqueness of things and to their originality.



Thinking in this way allows us to see the laboratory as a place of work bright and dynamic, where creativity prevails on skepticism, and on taxation. We live in an era of hyper-modern, in which we are still witnessing a revolution, partly sponsored by the media, which will bring gradually all of us to develop a new awareness. That of freedom, of independence and of the concretization of the ideas, the fruit of our mind. As if all that wasn't enough, thanks to this new way of thinking about the craft, by presenting precisely considerable attention to thesustainability of the materials, the costs are cut down, waste is decreased drastically and at the same time increase, thanks to our empowerment, the benefits for our planet. Many Italian exponents of this sector, thanks to their creations still marvel at the global level, in the past have contributed to the progress in writing the story.


Now we all have the same opportunity: the do-it-yourself, has the chance to appreciate in value, assuming a central position in the current market.


Our dream became a reality and own taking inspiration from these principles is born in a laboratory, in which four young boys with a passion for design, have chosen to make independently their own products as well as their own ideas.



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