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Blog 2019

written by Veronica Sgaramella


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A project in phase of approval, developed by the Technical landscape Primiceri Damiano.

It is a work plan that wants to redevelop

a' the rome area of about 7000 square meters, located in the V city Hall.

A rectangle that is 60 feet wide by 130 length will become the hub recreation of the homonymous Municipality.

A meeting point for the community that has, more than ever, need of green spaces where you can spend peacefully their leisure time. For these reasons, within it will be developed in the following areas: a location in the evening, a square surrounded by 5 food stalls (which are also in line with the philosophy of the project "so much space to green and 0 to the waste" and a playroom where young people can learn and have fun at the same time. The statement is based in fact on the importance that is given to every citizen , regardless of age. The common space, made possible by the buildings in 3D, is based on the use of sustainable materials just because you want to make a redevelopment in that respect the environment and everything in it, from the beginning. Theentire area will be immersed in the lush greenery where you can breathe and relax, taking a break from the daily chaos, while remaining in the city. Residents must be given back the opportunity and the right to live in harmony and tranquility in the neighborhood that can boast a true oasis in the metro.

Do not miss the gardens, the gardens of various forms and origins, and farm animals.

The project is designed to raise the index of environmental preservation with the ILC in the neighborhood. The Architect Primiceri tip concretely in the development of new areas, with respect for the land and the nature.




The reason why you chose to make some of the spaces with sustainable materials, in addition to the classic and necessary concrete base. And it is precisely here that comes into play the progress of 3D printing:

many companies specialized in the field of construction, in recent years, they have been able to give life to the printers three-dimensional size of the largest, ready in a few hours to print the square meters required. Theinnovation is precisely in the materials.

The Farm will be built with print-based clay and straw while some details of the toy to the location will be in the concrete. The complex, once completed, will be harmonious and bright, featuring large green areas.

What we first disclose, is the importance that is related to this new three-dimensional technology, poised to revolutionize the entire market in the future because it is already revolutionizing the one present in the best of ways.

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MyLab3d, a new reality based on the prints in 3D and the recycling of materials to self-finance the creation of artisan products and works of improvement

A new frontier of diy and design ......

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Our philosophy ...

Through the use of modeling programs graphics, us to 3D printing, you can literally give life and shape to their own ideas. This concept, far from trivial, it is essential to include the independence that every human being possesses thanks to a combination between the mind and the progress of the technology .. . .

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