Tris Design Vases: An Oasis of Creativity and 3D Printing

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Every aspect of our production is approached with the utmost attention. 3D modeling takes hours of precision to capture each new shape. The hours of printing then allow you to improve the design, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

This trio of vases is a real joy for design lovers. Each vase features a unique 3D printed shape , giving them a modern and original look . The delicate pastel colors give a touch of elegance and lightness to any environment. With a height of 15cm , these designer pots are perfect for housing your favorite plants and adding a touch of style to your home . Whether you place them separately or together, these vases will make any space an oasis of beauty and creativity .

  • Measurements 7x15 cm
  • Weight 100 g per jar
  • PLA material (poly lactic acid) Bio
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