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3D Digital Files

📂 Brisk Stool - 3D Design
📂 STL FILE + PDF Assembly instructions 👍

✅ Inside the download you will find the 3D model in STL format.

✅ The 3D model is suitable for any type of FDM 3D printer.

✅ Once opened, STL files will already be positioned and scaled correctly on the print bed.

🖥️ This is not a physical object. Nothing is shipped or sent via email 🖥️

💡 Revolutionize your way of thinking, furnish your home with 3D prints with a simple and functional design.

Recommended parameters for 3D printing the Brisk stool:
  • Nozzle : 0.8 mm
  • Average printing duration per component : 5-6 hours
  • Supports : No (not necessary)
  • Number of STL components : 3
  • Number of lines : 3
  • Filling : 40% (grid or gyroid)
  • Layer height : 0.32 mm
  • Horizontal expansion : -0.2 mm

The design of the Brisk stool is minimalist and elegant, with six feet for greater stability and optimal posture to keep your back straight. Furthermore, the stool also acts as a deadman to place the jacket in a comfortable and practical way.

The STL file of the Brisk stool is high quality and compatible with any FDM 3D printer on the market. The file has already been sized and positioned correctly, making printing more accessible even for those with little technical experience.

We recommend using PLA as the printing material for best results. You can download the STL file and start creating your Brisk stool for a stylish and functional addition to your home or office.

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