3D Model of the Pantheon: Immersive Architecture and Design Experience

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The 1:300 scale 3D model of the Pantheon is an unprecedented work of architectural art . Divided into different sections, it reveals the majesty of the dome and captures the essence of the original monument . With its dimensions of 30 x 23 x 18 cm, this unique piece is a must-have for architecture and design enthusiasts .

The light blue base gives a touch of elegance to the object, while its 3D printing with biodegradable materials demonstrates our commitment to sustainable craftsmanship. By purchasing our product, you support Made in Italy and craftsmanship 2.0.

🕢 Printing hours 80 h

📐 Measurements  30 x 23 x 18 cm

⚖️ Weight  400 gr

🍃 Material PLA (poly lactic acid) Bio

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